With all this cold weather at the moment, Im seeing and hearing of so many horror story’s about Ashp and Gshp costing a-lot to run or not heating their houses to design temperatures.

Why are these installers not being held responsible for their installation?? These Installations are not performing to the Scop (seasonal coefficient performance) that they promote to the customer stating this heatpump can do x..y and z

But what if your installer can prove his previous installs are performing above and beyond expectations, they are held accountable for their installation and they truly are trying to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of their systems.

We offer all our customers the opportunity to include ‘Open Energy Monitoring’, this shows us their energy usages, there performances, their Cop/ Scop (seasonal co efficient performance) or in layman’s terms how much electric to heat generated they are using. How their Units are reacting to certain Weather conditions, Or if they are Under performing ,We can see if there is any cycling happening, or if there unit is running not at the desired temperatures or outputs we predicted or designed for.

This in Return gives us a better insight into the Heat pumps usage but also how its reacting and how we can improve every installation.The information this provides us with is paramount to understanding, and getting the best of any heatpump installation.

Because now as a company we are not guessing or giving excuses about poor performance, We are being held accountable for a top class install and the efficency and performances are clear to see and are easily monitored and proven.

There is no more need for guess work and do things by hear say or rules of thumb or follow a one size fits all schmatic

All the maths, the physics, the hydronics, the correct system design knowledge and information is all out there and the industry needs to step up and give their customers what they deserve.

Here at Custom Renewables that is our aim with every installation.