What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a way of heating a home through strong and flexible tubing that is embedded in the floor. It is efficient and affordable, offering numerous advantages over radiators.

There are various types of underfloor heating systems available. The best underfloor heating solution for you will depend on a range of factors including your project type, your current heating system and energy source.

  • Suitable for most properties
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maximises space in the home
  • Luxurious feeling of warm floors
  • Flexible control through zoning areas of the home

How does Underfloor Heating work?

Underfloor heating essentially works by turning the floor area into a giant, efficient and invisible heat emitter. Heating tubes are installed beneath the floor, which heat up, to warm the room from the ground up.

Because underfloor heating covers such a large surface area, it can use much lower water temperatures than radiators. This helps to improve efficiency – especially with a heat pump – and better heats a room as there are no cold spots.

We design the right system for you

Our design process considers room-by-room heat loss, optimised running efficiency, and other critical factors to ensure your system heats your home in a better way.

  • A designed underfloor system will be responsive and achieve the perfect temperature – not too hot or too cold.
  • Maximum efficiency can be achieved by optimising the system to produce the right amount of heat with minimal energy use.
  • Each room can be set to a different temperature, giving you complete comfort.
  • We design your underfloor heating to work with the most suitable heat pump for a totally efficient system in your home.
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What are the benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Flexibility. Extremely flexible and can be installed in any property type, downstairs and upstairs.

Higher Efficiency. Warm underfloor heating uses lower temperatures than a traditional radiator system

Warm, Heated Floor. Underfloor heating feels great under foot and makes for a highly comfortable home with even heat distribution and no cold spots.

Saves space. Underfloor heating systems are invisible as it is installed within the floor and eliminates the need for radiators.

Environmentally friendly. Each system uses less energy than traditional radiators which reduce your carbon footprint, especially with a heat pump.

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