What is it?? And why is it important??

With all of our new installations we make sure at the end of every job the system water is at its very best. How we do that is by making sure that the whole system has been completely flushed through and all filters are cleaned. We then fill with demineralised water to a German Water Quality Standard vdi 2035.

VDI 2035 isn’t a common practice in the UK, We like to pride ourselves in taking those extra steps to provide quality to our heat pump and boiler installations. This means we fill to a high Standard of water parameters and try and go above and beyond to reach them this includes filling your system with demineralised water.

Lowering your conductivity in your system water has many benefits, it provides longevity to your system, stops reactions of metals, inhibits corrosion and removes unwanted salts and minerals from causing scaling to heat exchangers or coils creating inefficiencies within the system.

P-H levels are also a key element of this. To much acidity or alkalinity have huge impacts on certain metals, special conditions apply to aluminium. We aim to make sure the ph levels are maintained at a neutral ph and designed specifically to the metals in the system following the vdi2035 guidelines

Oxygen, This is the biggest contributor to corrosion. The aim is to keep the oxygen content in your system to as low as possible,Sealed systems are a must.You should not be refreshing the system water with fresh oxygenated water regularly.

A yearly Test on every service of system water quality is a must!! With this information we can see what the water quality of the system is and if it has changed from the year before or if new corrosion is present in the system before it gets out of hand and a flush of the system is needed. Helping To Protect the system and keep The system running problem free for years to come.

Why add bottles of System inhibitor that doesn’t let you know the ingredients of, and people just top up top up but not test to see what its doing to your system or it affects rather put the purest cleanest water in from the start to stop corrosion rather than just inhibit it with more chemical. We can test some inhibitors and there presence in systems if required.

VDI 2035 System Water Quality